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Stegmeier Drains

In 1968, in the San Francisco Bay area, Bill Stegmeier founded Stegmeier Corporation. His first product was what is known today as Frontier Desert Deck. This product is a colored sand and cement overlay that is non-skid in texture, attractive and cooler than grey concrete. Frontier Desert Deck is a popular product that continues to be manufactured by Stegmeier LLC to this day.

Bill Stegmeier | Founder It was at this time that Bill Stegmeier introduced the very first cantilever deck form made of expanded polystyrene (Styrofoam). His industry changing forming product replaced the old pre-cast coping stones. This type of forming method is still used in swimming pool installations to the present day.

Many products in our industry today date back to one of Bill Stegmeier’s patents including the removable top drains, deck drains, cantilever deck forms and many more time and money saving products.

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