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10 Symptoms Of A Drainage Problem

While many things can be obvious signs of a drainage problem on your property - some things may not seem like an obvious water drainage problem. Here are 10 things to look out for to protect your property from water damage!

  1. Puddles on the floor or in the yard
  2. Overflowing, gushing, and dumping gutters
  3. Mud splatters or streaks of dirt on siding which indicates an overflowing gutter
  4. Water stains in the basement
  5. Cracks in your foundation - while some cracks are normal house settling, you want to keep an eye out for large cracks or cracks that are growing in size
  6. Paint flaking off the walls
  7. White or grey residue on the walls which could indicate mineral deposits left behind from water flow
  8. Mildew in the attic - from evaporated water rising
  9. Soil not draining properly, soil eroding, and landscaping materials relocating
  10. Water pooling near the foundation of the home

While many of these drainage problems may be easy fixes such as cleaning debris from rain gutters... you will want to be sure you are not missing a more serious issue that could cause structural damage to your property.