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Top 5 Causes of a Blocked Drain

When you have a blocked drain - often your first thought is "what went down the drain that could cause this?". We went ahead and compiled a list of the most common things that cause blocked drains. You can use this list either as a preventative measure to make sure these items don't go down drains - or you can use this to help answer the puzzle of what went down the drain!

  1. Baby & Children's Items - this could range from non-disposable baby wipes to any item a child can get their hands on and stick down a drain. Keeping children away from having access to drains is a great idea to prevent these clogs!
  2. Grease & Fat - When you empty the steaming hot grease from your pan into a drain it may seem to flow quickly, but as it cools and coagulates into a gooey substance down the line - you are dangerously close to a clog - instead let it cool and dump it in the trash.
  3. Excessive Toilet Paper - of course we all know it belows in the toilet - but what happens when you use excessive amounts? A Clogged Drain!
  4. Hair - if you are an excessive shedder, or maybe your dog enjoys a good hair shedding bath, make sure you have a filter to catch hair. Hair and drains? They don't mix! Get a hair catcher for your drains!
  5. Food - Even the best of garbage scrapers will let some of the food stay on the plate. And those tiny food particles will add up over time. If you use a mesh strainer in your sink drain this will prevent the food compilation in your drains that could cost a chunk of change to replace!