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How To Clean Pool Deck Drain Clogs

DuMoore Systems should be your first phone call when you are ready to install some swimming pool deck drains. If you need help installing or upgrading them them you can always call Trench Drain Services, but here are some tips for cleaning your pool deck drains. Dirt and debris can clog your drains and block proper drainage resulting in water damage and erosion. Read on for some tips...

  1. Open the top and bottom covers of the drain. Consult your drain manufacturer to see if the snap off or screw off.
  2. Ensure proper slope under the drain or dig out a hole and place a bucket inside of it
  3. Connect up your sump pump inside the drain with the hose far away from the deck - read sumppump mfr instructions for more details
  4. Connect and turn on a garden hose and place in the drain at a medium speed flow
  5. Keep running the hose as debris spills over and the drain clears. You can stop once the water flows through the drain freely
  6. Remove the hose from the drain.
  7. Leave the sump pump running until it shuts itself off
  8. Replace and secure your drain covers.

There you go - an unclogged swimming pool deck drain!