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What Happens to Waste Water that Leaves Your Home?

We all likely know how water comes in to our home. However, have you thought much about what happens to the water once it has been used and leaves your home? If you have ever thought about what happens after your toilet is flushed, your shower drains, or your dishwasher runs, and where that water goes, we will share that with you here.

Option 1 :: City Sewer

This is the case if you pay a monthly bill for sewage to the city. In this situation your wastewater goes to a public treatment facility where it is treated in various holding tanks containing bacteria, skimmers, filters, and chemical treatments and then released in to the environment.

Option 2 :: On Site Septic

This is the case if you live in a rural area or if you don't pay the city or some organization to remove the wastewater from your home. In this situation your wastewater is held in an underground storage treatment container in your yard. Inside this container bacteria will break down solid waste and filter the waste water to a second holding in the container. From here, the filterered waste water leaves the tank in to the ground where it is further cleaned with gravel, sand, and other debris.