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Trench Drain EN1433 Load Classifications

Perhaps you have seen "CLASS A" or "CLASS F" listed in your trench drain description and wondered what that really meant. Here is a rundown of what those EN1433 classifications really mean for selecting the drain to fit your needs based on load.

Load Class A Trench Drains - Class A trench drains handle the lightest loads. Residential with cyclists and pedestrian traffic are supported. Weight load up to 3,372 lbs

Load Class B Trench Drains - Class B trench drains support sidewalks and small parking lots. Weight load up to 28,100 lbs

Load Class C Trench Drains - Class C trench drains support parking lots and general commercial areas. Weight load up to 56,200 lbs

Load Class D Trench Drains - Class D trench drains support roads and highways. Weight load up to 89,920 lbs

Load Class E Trench Drains - Class C trench drains support industrial areas, gas stations, and light commercial forklifts. Weight load up to 134,800 lbs

Load Class F Trench Drains - Class C trench drains support aircraft pavements, docks, heavy fork trucks, and heavy wheel loads. Weight load up to 202,320 lbs