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ACO saves the World Cup!

While you don't expect to hear a drainage company mentioned in a newscast about a worldwide sporting event, ACO made that happen this year. During the 2014 World Cup a rainstorm hit the city of Recife in Brazil right before the match between the USA and Germany. While the streets throughout Recife flooded, the stadium was able to remove the rain water quickly enough to prevent any game cancellations. The newscasts made note that while the entire city was struggling to handle the almost 3 inches of rain the linear ACO drains that were installed in the soccer stadium kept the field from flooding at all.

From CNN to the New York Times, news sources around the world noted how the stadium was draining so much better than the rest of the city. This just goes to show how important it is to have athletic stadiums draining properly with quality linear drains. Call us today to find out how our ACO drains can help you handle the drainage for all of your needs.