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What is the Difference Between Slot Drains and Trench Drains?

When choosing the right drain for your next project, it is important to know the difference between the types of drains. The terms for drain types are often interchanged and applied as generic terms for drains while not specifying the proper drain it is applied to. So, when you are placing your orders or selecting a product - you may want to be sure you are referencing the right drain type.

Trench drains are known for their narrow width and long length. Slot drains are known for being one piece that is very thin and only allowing the linear slot to show through the top. Trench drains are made for rapid evacuation of surface water and so are made of concrete and often have polymer linings. Slot drains are made of stainless steel, do not require grating, and are the most durable and can be custom made.

Since slot drains do not require grates, extra trenching, backfilling, and piping. With easier cleaning, higher durability, and installation costs, the slot drains are often a preffered choice.