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How Human Civilization was Developed by The Trench Drain

Many have argued that civilization was developed by the creation of trench drains, and while we won't hold you to that point, we will take a moment to share with you how vital drainage systems are to cities, thus civilization. Keep in mind that the purpose of a trench drain is to collect and redirect water. A simple concept to complete this effort would be to dig a trench in the ground of a hill, and allow the water to be moved to an area at the bottom of the hill, through the trench.

Consider the civilization of Ancient Rome. Rome built the most advanced drainage systems at the time and these drains allows for massive cities by creating sanitary conditions without massive spread of contagious diseases through undisposed waste water. Trench drains were also built in Ancient Rome to flow fresh water through the cities and allow both easy access to clean drinking water. Paris was also built using the basis of Ancient Rome's trench drain structures, and we all know how that city has flourished.

The bottom line is that without proper waste water drainage to create healthy environments for people to live in close quarters - cities would not be possible. Without these cities that are the lifeblood of our nations - civilization would also be either non-existent or very different.