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What Are The Types of Trench Drains

Trench Drains (also called channel drains) are a channel shaped water drainage system meant for rapid evacuation of liquids. Trench Drains are characterized by long lengths and narrow widths.

The four main types of trench drains are:

  1. Cast In Place Trench Drains - this is the original trench drain and is constructed by using wood to pour concrete channels in to the ground at the installation site. Cast In Place Trench Drains are often the most labor intensive and costly versions of trench drains.
  2. Former Systems Trench Drains - this is the successor to cast in place trench drains and involves a similar process while cutting out a step. Rather than buiding a wood form or template for the trench drain to be cast in, the trench drain installer uses a lightweight expanded polysterine or cardboard that has already been templated to the form of the trench drain. This cuts the step of building the wooden form because it has already been built for you and cuts the labor cost of building the trench drain.
  3. Precast Concrete Trench Drains - this is a concrete trench drain that has been premade in a factory and transported as trench drain pieces, ready to install. This greatly cuts down on the labor cost of installing trench drains because much of the work is completed in a factory rather than onsite. While the cost of materials to build these trench drains may be higher, it is a wash when you consider the labor expenses.
  4. Linear System Trench Drains - this is the current popular trend in trench drains and are often made of polymer concrete, fiberglass, structural plastic, and steel. These Trench Drain systems are assembled in the trench and concrete is poured around them to complete the drainage system. The concrete casing of the trench drain system gives it a strength and rigidity that it would not otherwise have with these other products.