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Trench Drain Usage

Trench Drains are known by many names, like french drain, channel drain, strip drain, line drain, linear drain etc. But did you know that trench drains not only have a wide variety of names but a wide variety of uses? While all trench drains have the same purpose (to quickly remove liquid from surface or as containment for utility or chemical spills) those purposes have a wide range of usage purposes.

Airport & Transportation Usage of Trench Drains

The first use of trench drains was in the airport construction industry. The need for more durable drainage systems to support the required weight in an airport was what jumpstarted the comissioning by the British Airports Authority to develop a drain with less moving parts and less tendancy to collapse. Airports and other transportation needs like roadways and urban plannig construction continue to install trench drains of all types and styles in order to meet their needs.


Residential Usage of Trench Drains

The ease of installation for a trench drain makes it ideal for residential surface water removal requirements. Whether a construction team or a homeowner with some diy skills, the use of trench drains around the home makes for an easy installation and durable usage for residential needs. While residential trench drains might immediately be considered for driveway drainage, they can also be used on patios, sidewalks, downspouts, basements, pool drains, and shower drains.


Industrial & Commercial Usage of Trench Drains

While you may immediately think of factory floors when we speak of industrial or commercial trench drains, they are also very popular choices for gas stations, commercial kitchens, hotels, retail locations, sports arenas, and car washes. The easier installation and durable characteristics of the long and narrow trench drains make them a top choice regardless of use.