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ACO Patents New Trench Drain Installation Device

Our trench drain manufacturing partner, ACO - a family owned business - has acquired a patent for their newest installation device.

All trench drain manufacturers have an assortment of installation devices that seem to have been the same variety forever. Often they don't work well as they are often afterthoughts to a channel build.

However - ACO Polymer Products has done something new. They have designed their contemporary installation devices in conjunction with the design of the channel body. Perhaps everyone should have always been doing it - but this is unique to ACO's new patent. This technique allowed a perfect alignment of joints and height, the clamp locks two channels tighly to each other, and it also makes sure the channel can't float while the concrete is poured around the channel!

This patented new installation device fits the ACO K100, S100K 4" channels, with larger installation devices fitting the K200, S200K. The largest of the new installation devices fits the K300 and S300K ACO trench drains.

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