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Gatic UltraSlot F900KN 6"-24"

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UltraSlot F900KN 6"-24"

Gatic UltraSlot F900KN 6"-24" Commercial Slot DrainsGatic Slotdrain UltraSlot F900KN is used in external pavement areas which are subject to constant traffic by large aircraft and heavy-duty vehicles. This system has a taller throat section that ensures a sufficient depth of concrete cover over the main body of the channel; to withstand ultra heavy-duty loads.

The channel top edge detail has an outward fold to provide protection over the edge of the channel concrete surround, to prevent damage. Innovative channel features (concrete anchors, stabilizing bars, integral channel feet and others), ensure the channel has a physical connection to steel reinforcing and is properly tied into the concrete surround, to achieve a strong and durable structure.

A TreadSafe Bar can be fitted to the UltraSlot channel, which reduces the slot opening from 1 3/16" (1.1875") wide, to 2 x 11/16" (2 x 0.344") wide slots. This has no effect on the Intake Capacity of the system, but will make the channel safe to cross when used in locations where pedestrians are walking over the pavement area (eg low cost airline terminals, small regional air-field, fuel farms etc). When the TreadSafe Bar is fitted, the system fully complies with ADA requirements.

Typical Applications

  • Airports (Airside & Landside Areas)
  • Highways
  • Ports & Docks
  • Gas Stations
  • Firestations
  • Military Bases
  • Terminal Buildings
  • High Security Areas
  • Parking Lots & Truck Stops
  • Warehouse, Depots & Industrial Buildings

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  1. Strong & Durable – UltraSlot F900kN channels have been load tested up to 202,320 lbs, in accordance with international standards. Innovative design features achieve a strong connection to the surrounding concrete and steel reinforcing. Gatic Slotdrain will remain intact for the design life of the project.
  2. Water Tight – Channels comply with international standards regarding ‘water-tightness’ when installed according to manufacturer’s instructions. See Rigid Steel Lining – Gatic Slotdrain could be considered a cast in-place trench drain with a rigid steel lining, that resists lateral forces and provides protection to the channel concrete encasement.
  3. High Capacity – Use of high capacity channels reduces the need for channel runs and catch basins to drain a given area. Larger units can be used for water storage on site (24? wide channel stores 34.43 US gals/ft).
  4. Stepped Fall & Self-Cleansing – A ‘stepped fall’ channel configuration and v-shaped channel base improves the velocity of water, to achieve a self-cleansing flow, even during periods of low rainfall.
  5. Maximum Intake – The intake capacity of Gatic Slotdrain channels is five times greater than required in typical storm conditions. UltraSlot F900kN channels have a maximum intake of 1.13 US gallons/second/foot (slot width 1.187?).
  6. Continuous Interception (Reduced Wash-Over) – Horizontal slot design ensures continuous interception along the full length of the channel and reduces the ‘wash-over (bridging)’ effect of surface liquids. This is important for environmentally high-risk spillage areas (gas station forecourts, fuelling areas) and secondary containment.
  7. Fewer Channel Joints (Only 50 per 300 feet) – Gatic Slotdrain has fewer joints and lower frictional losses along a given run of channel, to achieve a smoother flow of water.
  8. Time & Cost Savings (1) – Using larger Slotdrain channels in a ‘stepped fall’ configuration greatly reduces the number of channel runs, ground excavation, catch basins and underground pipe-work required to drain a large site. See
  9. Time & Cost Savings (2) – UltraSlot F900kN channels 6?–16? wide do NOT require steel reinforcing in the channel concrete encasement for use in heavy-duty applications.
  10. Quick Installation – With innovative design features, and no gratings to fix, channel units can be installed up to four times quicker compared with pre-cast and cast in-place trench drain systems, achieving additional cost savings. Experienced contractors can install between 300 feet–400 feet of Slotdrain in one day.
  11. Easy To Handle – Channel units are lightweight and easy to handle on site.
  12. Impact Resistant – Channels will not break during transport, site storage or installation, avoiding the need to replace units.
  13. High Quality Finish – Practical channel features and precision manufacture (+/– 0.039?) allows for neat jointing and straight channel alignment.
  14. Safe System – A single unit, with simple slot design, ensures safe passage for pedestrians, vehicles and aircraft, avoiding injury and personal claims. See
  15. Tamper Proof – A system with no removable parts is ideal for areas of high security, public use and schools.
  16. Reduced Maintenance Cost – A one-piece unit is less prone to wear and tear, as component parts cannot work loose or be removed. Less pipe-work, with fewer slot drain runs and chambers, reduces the need for maintenance. Access units and catch basins allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. Impact resistant units will not need replacing.
  17. Simple System, Quick Design – Hydraulic Design Software makes channel sizing and specification a simple task. Larger channel units allows for fewer Slotdrain channel runs and less pipe-work, achieving less complex designs.
  18. Precise & Aesthetic – The neat and unobtrusive slot detail compliments modern, contemporary design and accommodates all surfaces.
  19. Design Flexibility – A range of channels and accessories are available to suit most drainage schemes, project types and load requirements.
  20. Quality Assurance, Proven Performance – Complying and tested in accordance with US and international standards (EN: 1433; 2002), the system has proven performance on projects all around the world.

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