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Dumoore Systems Residential Trench Drains

Residential Trench Drains are drainage systems used in and around residential properties. Trench Drains are known by many names including: strip drain; linear drain; line drain; and channel drain. A trench drain is the most common known drainage system and it consists of a channel shape body. Dumoore stocks the highest quality of trench drains for homeowners and DIY adventurers.

The most common trench drain used around a home is the driveway drainage system. Especially when the downspouts or driveway does not slope away from the home - drainage can become a vital interest. Prolonged flooding towards the home can cause mold, flooding, and even damage to the homes, structure, foundation, and especially the basement. The solution is to integrate residential trench drains in the driveway to route the water away from the home to a location that will not cause damage to the property.

Less common though just as important are patio drains, sidewalk drains, downspout drains, basement drains, and of course shower drains and pool deck drains.


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