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ACO PointDrain

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ACO PointDrain Catch BasinsPointDrains are ideal drainage solutions for small scale applications such as residential areas, where problems with complex ground slopes are not an issue.

The Type 25 PointDrain provides a durable drain solution in areas where ponding or excess water may collect.

Polymer concrete is a versatile composite material produced by mixing mineral aggregate with a resin binding agent. Polymer concrete outperforms HDPE in its compressive strength, ability to withstand freeze-thaw cycles and adverse weather conditions, ensuring a longer service life.

The basin is manufactured out of polymer concrete and has several outlet configurations for system flexibility along with a choice of grates suitable for either pedestrian or light vehicular traffic.

Typical Applications

  • Gardens
  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Driveways

PDF Specs


  1. Polymer concrete basins
  2. Choice of grates
  3. Comes complete with trash bucket
  4. Optional riser to accept a downspout

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