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ULMA U Commercial Trench DrainsThe ULMA U Channel drains is a medium duty drain with out a side edge, and are intended for use from pedestrians to sporadic traffic, They have greater heights than the SELF and Mini systems. They also have the choice of built-in slopes.

The continuous and/or cascaded slope arrangement makes it possible to install long stretches of channelling between evacuation points.

ULMA Linear Drainage Channel type U100: External width 130mm; Internal width 100mm; Available with overall heights between 130 and 230mm for 0,5% presloped channels and between 130 and 280 mm for cascaded slope, to collect rainwater in 1 metre long units. Locking system consists of locking bar CS100 and screws.


The ULMA Architectural Solutions drainage system has been designed and tested under the strictest premises of EN1433 STANDARD, following the construction details set out in these installation instructions.

The design of the deck adjoining the concrete block/channel unit (concrete, asphalt or paving stone) must be endowed with the expansion and retraction joints required to prevent any tangential or perpendicular strain on the concrete block and channel unit. In line with the construction details of the deck, the sizing of said joints will be decided by the Project Management or designer.

The illustrations below show what the appropriate installed section should be for each flooring type and type of load as well as the recommended construction details.

Typical applications
  • Housing estates
  • Pedestrian Accesses
  • Car Parks
  • Squares
  • Sports Fields
  • Urban Areas
  • Light car parking lots

ULMA U Specs


  1. Medium Duty Channel Drain
  2. A15-C250
  3. With Screws

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